Big Little Makers

Big Little Makers

This Messy Makers class is for kids that are ready to participate independently. This is a drop-off class , specifically geared toward preschool and pre-K that has a special musical component at the end! The format is the same as the Messy Makers class for 1-4 yr olds but includes more projects that are suitable for an older age group. The class will be led by Miss Drea. Miss Drea will be playing guitar and singing with the children during snack time. Here are some other things you should know about the class:

-The day of the week that we will meet is TBA. We will meet on either Wednesdays or Fridays, depending on which day works for most people. Right now people are emailing us with the day of the week that works best for them.

-There will be 6 classes total in the session, meeting once a week. So it will begin on Jan 11 (for a Wed clas) or 13 (for a Fri class) and end the 3rd week of Feb. 

-The class is for 3 1/2-5 yr olds

-We will meet from 3:00-3:45

-The cost is $148

-We will take up to 10 students

If you are interested in the Big Little Makers Class, please fill out this quick form below to tell us which day of the week and what time you have available. We’ll email you back soon with the decided day and time: